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Tooth decay happens to everyone, especially after years of decay left untreated, leaving you with missing teeth. Many patients worry about the aesthetics of their smile when they are missing some teeth.

Our patients often comment that they feel self-conscious or embarrassed about their smile. However, there are other health concerns associated with missing teeth. Without the structure of teeth, the lips and cheeks often appear hollow or sunken, giving a more aged appearance to the face. Speech impediments are common because the tongue needs to hit the teeth to make certain sounds. Additionally, it may be challenging to eat certain foods which could cause digestive issues.

Fortunately, dental advances ensure that everyone can flash a beautiful smile. Getting La Mesa dentures can rectify these problems and restore your smile and your confidence. For patients missing some or all of their teeth, dentures are often a good treatment option. Dr. Feinberg is a world class dentist and prosthodontist who is renowned for his ability to provide some of the best dentures La Mesa has to offer.

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You can choose between partial or full dentures depending on your specific needs and how many teeth you are missing in your mouth. Partial dentures replace several missing teeth in a row.

These dentures are supported by the jawbone and remaining gum tissue on the dental arch. If you have several teeth missing in a row, you might be a good candidate for partial dentures. Dental adhesive creams can improve the hold of your full or partial dentures. This ensures that they stay in place and do not shift as you bite, chew, and talk.

Full dentures are a good treatment option for people missing all of their teeth on the upper or lower arch. Full dentures are a removable dental device that contains a set of false teeth. These dentures latch onto the gum line to stay put. Good dentures look and function similar to natural teeth. With a set of full dentures, you will be able to eat, talk, and smile without hesitation.

Dentures Before & After

Dentures La Mesa before and after
Dentures La Mesa before and after

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“I went to Dr. Feinberg for dental implants because I was embarrassed about my two missing teeth. I was always trying to hold back laughter and refrain from smiling. I now have the best dental implants and I can laugh and smile again. You can’t even tell I have them!”

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Types of Dentures

There are two types of removable dentures, partial or complete, depending on your unique situation:

  • Removable partial denture: A removable dental device that is held in place by adjacent teeth or clasps around existing teeth. It usually clips around the existing teeth or sticks to the gum. Partial dentures can be made from nylon or acrylic. You remove it at night for cleaning and to recover overnight.
  • Removable complete denture: The denture rests on the area that held your natural teeth. It is supported by the gums. These types of dentures can be bulky and uncomfortable affecting how you can chew food limiting your choice of foods. They can move around in your mouth while you talk to someone, when you smile and when you eat. On average, dentures can last several years, requiring a new fit after your gums alter over time.
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Alternative to Dentures

When it comes to dentures, you can choose to get dental implants to support cemented bridges, which will feel like real teeth. You can get implants if you are missing only a few teeth or consider All-on-4 dental implants for a full mouth reconstruction.

Dentures procedure

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The procedure for getting dentures usually begins with the extraction of one or more teeth, which can include a full-mouth extraction and the removal of all your teeth.

A conventional denture is fitted in your mouth for the time it will take your gums to heal. Once the gums have healed, impressions of your mouth will be made by Dr. Feinberg to design and custom-made your new dentures. After several weeks, you will come in for a visit to ensure that your dentures fit properly and you are adjusting well to them.

Dentures FAQs

The process of getting dentures depends on your unique situation, your oral health and the type of dentures you will choose. On average, it takes several weeks depending on how fast your gums heal.

A prosthodontist like Dr. Feinberg specializes in dentures, bridges and other methods of restoring your teeth and can help you with dentures. A prosthodontist is highly trained in bridges, cosmetics, crowns, dental implants, dentures, and temporomandibular disorders (TMJ/TMD).

Here are some key things to properly take care of your dentures:

  • Always rinse your dentures thoroughly after using a soaking solution
  • Be careful when you clean your dentures and avoid bending the plastic or the clasps
  • Do not try to repair your own dentures; visit your dentist
  • Do not use toothpaste, which is abrasive and can scratch
  • Gently clean your dentures every day using a non-abrasive denture cleanser and a soft-bristled brush
  • If your dentures become loose, make an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible to avoid infection and soreness
  • Maintain your regular dental checkups and have your dentures checked by your dentist
  • Rinse your dentures after you eat by running water over them and remove food debris
  • Soak your dentures in water or a denture-solution at night to keep them moist
  • Use a denture adhesive to clean the grooves in your gums
  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean your natural teeth, tongue and mouth once you remove your dentures

A partial denture is a removable and natural-looking dental appliance that replaces missing teeth. They can be made from metal and acrylic and be attached to a gum-colored plastic base that is connected to a metal framework to hold the denture in place.

The cost of dentures varies depending on what specifically you need to get done. The amount of work required for your dentures will determine the final cost. For example, are you getting dentures for the first time? Or will it be to replace existing dentures? The initial work is more expensive because it involves the removal of your teeth. Call us for more information about cost, what your needs are, and information about your dental insurance provider, what it may cover towards the cost of your dentures, and other health insurance programs such as CareCredit.

Dentures can be made of different materials, including acrylic resin and metal. Metal is often used as the structural base for partial dentures and in the clasps that attach the dentures to existing natural teeth. For complete dentures, the base material is available in different shades and characterizations. The teeth come in various sizes and shapes as well as colors. Partial dentures are made from similar materials as complete dentures and often with a chrome-cobalt framework for retention. There are also other types of flexible materials that can be flexible and comfortable but also more difficult to repair.

With proper care, your dentures can last many years. Dentists recommend new dentures every five to eight years because they get worn down from usage and your gums can change shape over the years.

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How to get the best dentures in La Mesa

When it’s time to choose a provider for your dentures, a prosthodontist is the best choice.

In addition to the regular dental training required of any practicing dentist, prosthodontists have completed specialty training in the use of dental implants, including an additional three or four years of advanced training after dental school. This training makes a prosthodontist perfectly suited to help you design and implement a denture solution that makes sense for you.

Prosthodontists spend years studying the use of dental implants to repair problems associated with missing teeth. They understand the anatomy of the gums and jaw allowing them to help you receive dentures that fit comfortably and work for your lifestyle. Dr. Feinberg has been a practicing prosthodontist for over 30 years. He has helped countless patients with missing teeth find practical and affordable dental solutions for them, including full or partial dentures. If you're looking for dentures La Mesa dentist, Dr. Richard Feinberg, has the knowledge, training, and experience to deliver your perfect smile.

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