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Many problems can affect the structural integrity of a tooth, including decay, grinding teeth, or dental trauma. In cases when a tooth is severely weakened, placing a dental crown can restore the structure and function of the affected tooth.

A crown can be effective in providing a more secure restoration by surrounding a tooth and protect it from damage. It can also be used to improve esthetics. As a prosthodontist, Dr. Richard Feinberg is a specialist in dental prosthetics and in the practice of general dentistry making him the top choice for dental crowns in La Mesa.

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A dental crown is shaped like a typical tooth to replace and cover a tooth that has been damaged and restore it back to its original shape and size. The crown is cemented in place and bounds the visible part of a tooth at and above the gum line.

The prosthetic restoration helps teeth that have become decayed, cracked or damaged and can even improve the appearance of the tooth.

For the most part, a crown takes over the outer aspect of a natural tooth by fully encasing the damaged tooth above the gum line. A crown is customer-made for each tooth and can be made of different materials such as ceramics, gold, porcelain and metal, or resin.

Who may need a dental crown?

Like the name implies, a crown is placed on top of a tooth and intended to be a permanent fixture on a tooth which means that it is cemented into place.

You can envision a crown as a cap that fully encases the entire tooth from your gum line to the top of the tooth. Here are some of the reasons why a crown is placed:

  • For people with serious dental decay that threatens the structural integrity of a tooth
  • In situations when a tooth is cracked, broken, or severely worn
  • To build up the strength of a tooth that already contains a large filling meaning there is little natural tooth tissue left to give the tooth strength, necessitating a dental crown
  • To keep a dental bridge in place, filling a gap made by missing teeth·
  • For people with a tooth that is severely misshapen or discolored, a crown provides a more attractive external covering for the tooth·
  • A crown is placed to cover dental implants, which are a permanent solution to missing teeth

Dental Crowns Before & After

Dental Crowns La Mesa before and after
Dental Crowns La Mesa before and after

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Dental Crown FAQs

The cost of La Mesa dental crowns varies depending on what specifically you need to get done. The type of crown you select and the amount of work required will determine the final cost. For example, porcelain crowns are usually more expensive than gold crowns. Call us for more information about cost, what your needs are, and information about your dental insurance provider and what it may cover towards the cost of your crowns, and other health insurance programs such as CareCredit.

Dr. Feinberg makes his patients comfortable by numbing your tooth before the procedure. You may feel a tiny pinch when a topical anesthetic is applied to your gums. There can be some discomfort on the crown and soreness in the gums around the tooth once the anesthesia wears off.

You will need to make at least two visits within two or three weeks. The first visit can take up to two hours for Dr. Feinberg to prepare and shape your tooth, take an impression of it and place a temporary crown. A custom-made crown will be created for you at a lab and returned to our office. On your second visit, Dr. Feinberg will place your permanent crown over your tooth.

It can be necessary to add a crown after a root canal procedure. A tooth fractures and becomes brittle over time and can lose a lot of its enamel affecting its structure. A crown can strengthen a tooth before more damage occurs. There is a higher risk of fracture without the protection provided by a crown.

A crown can be placed over a tooth that has received a root canal if it is a premolar or one of the back teeth. By putting a cap over a tooth, your dentist can help keep it strong and prevent further damage in the future.

Crowns are considered safe once they are attached with permanent cement to your tooth. There can be some risks involved, including an allergic reaction to the crown, sensitivity in the tooth or a crown that becomes chipped, too loose, or infected.

A dental crown can last between five and 15 years on average depending on what the crown is exposed to, especially with choice of food. Maintaining good oral hygiene and personal mouth-related habits like grinding or clenching your teeth will also extend the lifespan of a crown.

There are the top 10 benefits to getting a La Mesa dental crown, including:

  1. Can hold a filling
  2. Covering an implant
  3. Hide discolored teeth
  4. Improve appearance by changing its shape and color
  5. Long-lasting for up to 15 years
  6. More self-esteem by covering weird shaped tooth
  7. Prevents the breaking of a weak tooth
  8. Protects against tooth decay
  9. Restoring natural shape and size
  10. Stronger teeth

Dental Crown Procedure

Receiving a La Mesa dental crown typically takes several visits with Dr. Feinberg providing the best one-visit crowns in the area.

To begin with, he will reduce the size of your tooth to ensure that the crown fits properly. After taking an impression of your tooth, a crown will be created that perfectly matches the size and shape of the tooth that needs repairs to ensure that your bite and chewing abilities are normal. The crown is created and then carefully placed over the tooth.

Special dental cement keeps the crown in place allowing you to resume your regular activities without worrying about it coming loose.

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“I went to Dr. Feinberg for dental implants because I was embarrassed about my two missing teeth. I was always trying to hold back laughter and refrain from smiling. I now have the best dental implants and I can laugh and smile again. You can’t even tell I have them!”

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Getting a Dental Crown with Dr. Feinberg

The Best Dental Crowns La Mesa Has to Offer

As a prosthodontist, Dr. Feinberg received several years of advanced training above and beyond his regular dental medicine degree.

This included training in creating attractive crowns, matching tooth color, and perfectly placing dental implants and crowns. Dr. Feinberg has been a practicing prosthodontist for over 30 years and has helped countless patients improve their oral health by installing crowns to fix damaged teeth.

This experience has helped make him the top provider of dental crowns in La Mesa. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you get the best dental crowns in our friendly and comfortable office.

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