How Has Dentistry Changed Throughout The Years?

Gold tooth

Depending on which generation you grew up with, you may have different memories of your dental care and procedures. Some people even remember going to the dentist, only to receive gold or metallic colored fillings in their cavities. Throughout the years, dental practices have evolved significantly. Gone are the days when dentists were associated with painful drilling procedures and bright gold implants. In the twenty first century, dentists have learned and developed many revolutionary procedures and tools.

The very first known dental book in the United States was entitled "Little Medicinal Book for All Kinds of Diseases and Infirmities of the Teeth." This book was published and distributed in the early 1500's and set the standard and groundwork for modern day dentistry. This book described procedures used to fill in cavities, as well as tooth extractions.

Earlier Dental Fillings

Centuries ago, gold foil and various metals were commonly used on patients. Besides being quite attractive, some of these metals contained mercury components. As this was discovered, these materials were slowly but surely phased out of practice.

Composite Fillings

The next set of dental technology brought along something which many dentists still use today: composite fillings. This mix of both glass and plastic components does not contain any harmful metals or materials that can cause adverse effects. Additionally, composites can be made to match the patient's natural tooth color for a more hidden look.

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