Dairy Does the Teeth Good

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With a variety of new diet trends coming out every day, many Americans are cutting out dairy from their daily diets. There have been many milk alternative to hit the market recently, from soy based products to almond milk. However, dairy actually has a very big impact on dental health. The ingredients in natural milk and dairy products can promote healthy teeth and smiles!

How can milk improve your smile?

Milk has a very high concentration of calcium, which is a key mineral to keep bones and teeth at their optimal strength. Our bodies do not naturally produce calcium, so it must be consumed through our diet.

What if you are lactose intolerant?

For those who may not be able to tolerate dairy products, certain fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of calcium as well. These include broccoli, oranges and almonds. Dairy alternatives such as soy and almond milk are not as good as the original product, but are also good sources of calcium as well.

Although consuming healthy portions of calcium rich foods is a great start, Vitamin D must be incorporated into the diet as well. Vitamin D is an essential ingredient to assist the human body in the absorption of calcium. The best, most natural way to fill the body with sufficient amounts of this vitamin are by going outdoors! Natural sunlight is the best source. Additionally, eating fish such as salmon and tuna will increase vitamin D levels as well.

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