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Preparing for your interview or first day on the job should involve much more than just picking out your best suit and tie. As candidates become more and more qualified, the job market gets increasingly tighter for a variety of industries. Preparing your resume and references is an excellent first step, but it is important to always remember that appearances matter. Being well groomed and well dressed are basic essentials, but how does your oral appearance translate during an interview?

Studies show that most adults prepare for an interview with 3 basic steps. First, they rehearse important speaking points. Secondly, they choose their very best interview attire. Third, they plan and coordinate their travel time and arrangements. However, when HR managers of major corporations were asked what stands out to them most when evaluating a potential candidate, two of five reported that a smile stands out significantly. A strong, friendly, confident smile can speak volumes when trying to land a position.

How Can I Achieve A Million Dollar Smile?

Although a smile does not guarantee a six figure salary, it can certainly help! First, make sure you practice regular oral hygiene (brushing, flossing, rinsing). Next, try to plan your dental checkup and cleaning prior to the big day. This will allow your dentist to remove any plaque or tartar from your teeth, gums and tongue, resulting in a cleaner, brighter smile and fresher breath!

What Foods Can I Eat?

Even if your interview is scheduled first thing in the morning, it is essential not to forget the most important meal of the day! There is nothing more important than being well nourished and full of mental and physical energy. High protein breakfasts are recommended, as well as dairy products like yogurt, milk and cheese. Whole wheat and whole grains (such as certain cereals and oatmeal) are a great choice too. Lastly, don't forget your morning OJ, citrus is great to wake up!

Avoid eating foods that are very high in sugar, any type of chocolate or candy and any foods which are high in acidity. These can lead to unpleasant breath and won't work in your favor!

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