Are All Toothbrushes Created Equal?

Are All Toothbrushes Created Equal

Dentists agree that the quality of your toothbrush will have a direct impact on your oral health.

Throughout history, people have always recognized the need to practice proper dental hygiene. However, in today’s modern age, we have a variety of products readily available to us. How do we know which toothbrush and paste are truly best?

We have come a long way from the twigs our ancient ancestors used to use to clean their teeth. The very first toothbrushes which featured bristles are dates back to the year 1,000 which were made of horsehair and ivory. In 1938, the first “modern day” toothbrush was created in France and caused a dental phenomenon.

In the twenty first century, toothbrushes, the most common dental tool, are made from flexible nylon bristles which come in a variety of textures. They are designed to easily remove plaque and food particles from the surfaces of the teeth, gums and even small spaces between the teeth. Plastic handles are made to ergonomically allow the consumer to get the very best cleaning. Battery powered electronic toothbrushes are even available for more sophisticated brushing. Dentists agree that what it comes down to, is texture and technique.

Best Practices For Brushing Your Teeth

The human gum line can be very sensitive, so nine in ten dentists agree that toothbrushes labeled “soft” are best for most pediatric and adult consumers. Brushing should be performed in steady, circular motions. It is essential to cover all areas within the mouth, in order to avoid leaving any particles behind. Proper brushing techniques significantly reduce bad breath, even “morning breath.” Toothbrushes should also be replaced every three to six months. When the bristles become hoarse, it is time to replace the brush. Also, be sure to clean your brush thoroughly after each use.

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